HKUST NIE Social Media Lab

iOS Workshop for SML Members, CPEG Students and 4Y SENG Students

This workshop is mainly focusing on basic iOS development: User Interface design, App Structure and Networking,which can be further implemented on Lab-related Projects.

Date: 25th and 28th March 2013 (6:00 PM - 9:30 PM)
Venue: Learning Commons Classroom A @ HKUST Library LG1

Quota: 25
Target: Social Media Lab members, CPEG students and 4Y SENG Students. Students without programming knowledge can also join. Max. HLTH1010 4 hrs are recognized after completing the workshop.
Registration: Here or
Fee: $40

1st Day - Introduction to Basics

1. Basic Objective-C language (1 hour)
    • Declare variables, strings, arrays
    • Basic UI Elements (UIButton, UILabel, UIImageView)
    • Basic Model-View-Controller concept in iOS
    • Basic knowledge about handling the memory management
    • Program flow (When to start, When the view appears, etc.)
2. Create the first Hello World Project (1 hour)
    • Create an iOS Project in Xcode
    • Create an simple label
    • Run on the simulator
    • Change the label text with a UIButton
3. Create a Basic counter (1 hour)
    • Basic usage of UIPicker
    • Basic usage of delegate

2nd Day - Implementation

1. View transition (1 hour)
    • UINaviagtionController
    • Create a project with UINavigationController
    • UITabbarController
    • Create a project with UITabbarController
2. Create the Lab App together (2 hours)
    • Implementation
3. Introduction of some new elements
    • Storyboard
    • ARC memory management