Movit is a motion control wearable interface that allows you to remotely interact with your iPhone and Mac using simple hand and arm motions.


Work in progress:

  • - An accurate recognition process for any user to use the application easily.
  • - Fashionable wristband design.
  • - Improvements on app user interface.

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With Movit, you can control your iPhone to do various tasks such as playing and changing tracks in music player, and tuning the volume using customised motions even if your iPhone is in your bag or pocket. You can also interact with Mac in different applications without using a keyboard or a mouse.


Simply wear the wristband and connect to your iPhone or Mac computer using the Movit app, you can start creating the gestures you want to use for different controls. The system won’t confuse your normal hand gestures or movements with your control motions, as it will only start recognizing after you give the the wristband a shake to indicate that you are about to do a motion.


The Movit wristband consists of an accelerometer sensor to detect your arm motions and sends the motion data to a device via Bluetooth 4.0. It is ultra low power and runs on a coin cell battery for months.


Movit Demo

Watch it on Youku