About Us

HKUST NIE Social Media Lab

HKUST-NIE Social Media Lab was first established in 2012. The lab focuses on researching big data system and analytics, cyber-physical interactive media system, and Internet of Things (IoT) systems and infrascturcutre for smart cities. BLE beacons have recently been highlighted as potential building block for IoT infrastructure. However, due to their limited power source, periodic battery replacement operation proved to be tedious and exhaustive. Therefore, HKUST NIE Social Media Lab presents HKUST SolarBeacon, the first open hardware sustainable IoT. Lab members involved in this initiative are shown in the right.

Open Hardware Beacon

HKUST SolarBeacon is the first open hardware energy harvesting beacon utilizing ambient light as its primary energy source. With HKUST SolarBeacon we look forward to promote construction of IoT infrastructure that is more smart and sustainable.

What We Provide

We provide open source designs for registered members who wish to create energy harvesting beacon under an open license. We provide everything from 3D printable packaging designs, Bluetooth circuit design to software for free.

Related Works

Followings are some of the most recent works on IoT infrastructure carreid out.

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